Gillian Crozier

Associate Professor; Canada Research Chair, Environment, Culture & Values

Department of Philosophy


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


Crozier G.K.D. and A.I. Schulte-Hostedde. 2015. “Why training in ecological research must incorporate ethics education.” In: A. Gutmann, L.M. Lee, M.Z. Solomon, editors. Hasting Centre Report, Special Issue: Bioethics Education. 45 (5): 14-19.

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Crozier G.K.D. and A.I. Schulte-Hostedde. 2015. “Towards improving the ethics of ecological research.” Science and Engineering Ethics. 21(3): 577-594.

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Crozier, G.K.D. and A.I. Schulte-Hostedde. 2014. "The ethical dimensions of wildlife disease management in an evolutionary context." Evolutionary Applications. 7(7): 788-798.

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