In light of the extinction crisis gripping the planet, modern zoos and aquariums are positioning themselves to supply society with unique research, data, management, husbandry, monitoring and outreach related to the conservation of biodiversity. It is critical that zoos and aquariums have the necessary human resources as they expand their mandate in conservation and research.

CEEEC is leading a proposal (ReNewZOO), as part of the CREATE (Collaborative and Research and Training Experience) program sponsored by NSERC, to train conservation professionals for the “new” zoo/aquarium. With academic and zoo/aquarium partners (including the Toronto Zoo, Vancouver Aquarium, Biodome, Calgary Zoo, Assiniboine Park Zoo), we are developing a graduate training program that will give graduates a unique skill set for working in conservation.

CEEEC Director, Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde, is the PI on this $1.65M NSERC CREATE grant application, leading an international team of 27 biologists, zoo officials, and philosophers. Co-applicants and collaborators include the remaining four CEEEC team members BuchananCrozierLesbarrères, and Litzgus, and as well as multiple CEEEC Affiliates.

The proposal was submitted in the fall of 2015, with results expected by the summer of 2016. Wish us luck!

Additional Project Members